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Business Loans

Business loans provide financing to a commercial client through a loan. This service is developed to address a client’s business expansion or working capital requirements.

Our Offerings

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Receivables Purchased

The company purchases of a client by way of discounting sales invoice usually 50% to 70% supported by promissory notes and/or post-dated checks on with or without recourse basis.

Receivables Factoring

As a variation of the receivables discounting product, the Company’s purchase of a client’s short term receivables in or without recourse basis, with the Company directly collecting payment from the client’s debtors. The client gains immediate liquidity and transfers responsibility for the collection process to the Company.

Receivables Discounting

The company purchases a client’s short term receivables at a stipulated discount. The sale is on a with recourse basis, with the Company either directly collecting payments from debtors, or the client remitting installment payments to the Company. In the process, the client gains immediate liquidity.

Installment Papers Purchased

The Company purchases on a with recourse basis, the installment sales contract of a client usually engaged in motor vehicle, appliance or equipment dealership at a stipulated discount.

Amortized Commercial Loan

To service customer financial requirements, the company offers terms to be granted to corporations over a specified period of term.

Leasing Facility

Leasing Facility for capital asset acquisition, the company offers Direct Lease (DL) and /or Sale & Leaseback (SLB) leasing facilities.

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