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About Us

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Rykom Financing Corporation, formerly Rykom Leasing and Finance Corporation, was registered with the SEC on January 21, 1998 to participate and manage all aspects of the financial needs of the Philippines — extending credit facilities for commercial, industrial and agriculture ventures or enterprises, and loaning funds without collateral or on security.

Our financial services include corporate and consumer loans. The corporate lending solution offers our clients receivables financing, amortized commercial loans and leasing facilities. Assets that may be financed include automobiles, trucks, office equipment, industrial, agricultural and office machinery, real estate and financial assets.

We actively seek to increase our exposure to industry sectors which we believe posses attractive growth opportunities. Behind the high standard we hold ourselves to, Rykom and its innovative approach has experienced growth in its sector; the same growth that we hope to foster in our clients.


Describe to us your goals and we can help you identify the best solution to achieve them. Our knowledge will help us set milestones for your success. You need to get things done, and we know how to get them done right.



Our financing options are customized to your needs specifically. Affordable and fair, we’ll work night and day to dream up the perfect package for whatever your situation necessitates. We’ll work with you to finance your goals.



Looking to move into your dream home? Or perhaps you are looking into securing commercial real estate? Well, we’re here to exhaust every possibility to get you to your destination. No stone will be left unturned.



We are passionate about our work, but we are even more passionate about lending ourselves to your service. Our clients’ needs are what drives us and we are only here to help lead you to success. Help us, help you.

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